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In the past week, Square (SQ) has dropped 30%! Dragged down by the Nasdaq due to interest rate increases by the Fed this October 2018, and the CFO (since 2012), Sarah Friar, leaving to follow her dream of starting her own company Nextdoor. Nextdoor is a social network but tied to neighborhoods. That’s a great reason to leave a company. I’m not worried.

More businesses than ever are taking credit cards now, and what are they using? Square. It took 71 years for my favorite Drive-in, Motor-vu to start taking credit cards but they finally did.  Even the homeless has moved away from cash donations and are using Square.

Things are going great for Square. Just look at this data from May 2018:

  • Revenue grew 51%
  • Gross payment volume (GPV) was up 31% to $18 billion
  • Adjusted revenue from sellers with retail sales of at least $300,000 per year was up 60%
  • Square acquired website-building business Weebly for $365

The war on cash continues and with a market cap of just 30 billion dollars, Square will mint money.


Stat SQ
Price (Market Cap) 30 Billion
Cash And Equivalents 725 Million
Long Term Debt 358 Million
FPE 94.60
PEG 2.80
Dividend N/A
And Yield N/A
Price/Book 29.14
ROE -6.91
Motley Fool
Caps Rating
4 stars
Size of Position In Portfolio 5%

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